This upstairs Montrose bar and dance club with a breezy terrace recently added dinner and brunch menus on top of its roster of late-night bites. Dishes lean Greek because of the owner’s heritage, but the new chef, who has worked at BCN next door and at Hugo’s, also added some Modern American dishes. We tried a bunch—many were tasty, but most needed tweaking. Highlights included classic tzatziki and the ribeye tacos with a searing green sauce. The beet salad was bright with fresh slices of orange, arugula, and an orange vinaigrette, but the beets were overcooked. A side of roasted Greek potatoes arrived well seasoned but, alas, lacked crispness. Of the souvlaki choices, the salmon skewer was the best, but we’d advise skipping the eggroll-like spanakopita with its scant, dry spinach stuffing. Although striving to be a cafe, Echoes still speaks bar language: they hold your credit card when you order (at the bar) and drink pours are generous (not always a bad thing!).