Get ready to party—Puerto Rican culture lives large and loud in the space formerly occupied by Rosario’s, now located just across the street. The tapas menu of assorted Puerto Rican treats was a mixed bag. The tostones (fried plantains) were the texture of hockey pucks, but the fried pork bits (a chunkier version of carnitas) proved tasty. Best of all were the bacon-wrapped dates (how could that combination miss?). The most interesting entrée we tried from the almost overwhelmingly large menu was the salted cod “salad,” basically ceviche made with wonderful reconstituted bacalao, or salted cod, standing in for raw fish. More Puerto Rican classics include an assortment of dishes built around mofongos (fried green plantains mashed with salt, garlic, and pork rinds) and ropa vieja (which the menu describes as beef slow-cooked in red wine with onion and spices). Desserts are sweet and decadent, especially the flan de queso, a perfect marriage of cheesecake and caramel-coated flan. And did we say loud? On a Friday night, a DJ was blasting PR pop without turning off the house music. It was a bit much for us, though most of the diners seemed fine with it.