The dark interior houses an adventurous and vibrant menu that ably challenges the restaurant’s frequent Big Bass soundtrack. Appetizer tostadas (dubbed “volcanes,” or volcanos, here) feature slivers of sushi grade tuna topped with lush avocado slices, garnished with fresh onion and radish, and begging to be gilded with a sweet soy sauce. Our standard starter remains the impressive house gorditas (the golden, cloud-like fritters draw their enhanced heft from the clever addition of smashed potatoes to the masa). The cake-like result is the perfect foundation for layers of fresh guacamole with a spritz of lime or salsa. The recommended steak tacos were spot-on, arriving with great aplomb atop a foot-long board. Thick, handmade corn tortillas—lavished with grilled and chopped ribeye—were sided with fist-size bone sections thick with grilled tuetano (yep, bone marrow). Our suggestion: fork the meaty treat on said tacos to provide unbelievable flavor and richness. No one at the table had room for a dessert—perhaps for lunch, someday.