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Dining Guide

The Witt Pit BBQ

Witt Pit BBQ is a small-town success story. The brisket has great smoke and flavor, as well as a nicely pronounced bark. The lean slices can be a tad dry, but the fatty beef slices are excellent. Giant spare ribs are on the menu, too, and pitmaster Randy Witt does an admirable job of getting the meat tender without drying it out. The same can be said for the superb smoked chicken, with its juicy meat and crisp skin studded with cracked black pepper. When it comes to dessert, there’s not much to improve. The peach cobbler has an addictive crunchy topping that’s closer to a cookie crumble than the chewy dough found on many cobblers, and the fluffy banana pudding drizzled with caramel is a good take on a classic.

City: Rosenberg


Method: Live oak in an offset smoker

Pitmaster: Randy Witt

Price: $

Rating: ★★★★

Address: 2516 1st St., Rosenberg, TX, 77471

Hours: Tues-Sat 11-8

Phone: (832) 759-5182

Website: www.wittpitbbq.com

Year Opened: 2015

Last updated: March 3, 2016


  • Randy, the food was great the day we were there!!

  • LonghornHotspur

    We have other famous joints in Ft. Bend. Dozier a, Swinging Door. Witt’s isn’t head and shoulders above all of them. And Randy is a great guy and loves to talk about his craft. Was just in this weekend for killer moist beef and rib plate. Glad you see what I do too.

  • LonghornHotspur

    Stupid phone. Witt’s IS head and shoulders above all of them.

  • Ken Goldenberg

    Looks great! I’ve read that John Lewis uses mustard and pickle juice as well (I assume prior to putting on the seasoning?), but I never read if they use dill or sweet pickle juice. It’s something I’d like to try.

  • R Seale

    Always enjoy your reviews. Sounds like Witt Pit is a keeper. Since Rosenberg isn’t far from where I live I hope to try it out soon.

    Is live oak used that much for BBQ?

  • Leonard J. Besch

    I am a resident of Rosenberg and have immensely enjoyed this place. I have eaten a lot of BBQ all over this state and by far theirs has been the best. For me what makes it so good is that it is simply done with basic spices and cooked with oak wood which is what my Daddy taught me to use.

  • Texan9922

    As a new resident to Rosenberg, I tried Witts on Friday, the brisket was excellent. Went back on Saturday. This place will serve my brisket needs. Also had excellent slaw and mac & cheese

  • brisketbeansandbread

    I stop in every Tuesday for a pound of Randy’s moist fatty brisket and a side or three.
    Good to know that banana pudding has made it on the dessert menu…..or maybe it has always been there and I didn’t know the secret handshake lol .

  • Shannon

    Now that I have been blessed with the taste of Randy’s moist brisket, As I travel the state, I have yet to find anything that compares. BBQ is a personal thing and Witt Pitt hits that spot for me.