Sharing space with Coco creperie in a strip center is a handy, casual Moroccan counter-order spot (the two restaurants are part of the same group and also have several other Houston area locations). You line up to design your own bowl or sandwich with the vegetables and proteins on display. Some menu toppings are more vibrant than others, so let us offer a little help—from the vegetable selection we highly recommend spicy white beans, diced beets, marinated tomatoes and cucumbers, and turmeric roasted cauliflower. Of the proteins, the savory shrimp was the winner, followed by the cumin-spiked chermoula chicken and the vegan latke potato cake (the tagine beef turned out to be a bit dry). Of the sauces, we preferred the lemon–olive oil and the garlic aioli, but the green harissa is nice if you like spicy. Overall, we enjoyed the various bowls we tried but found a lingering saltiness in all of them. Baked goods—specifically the delicious fatima bread, which was similar to pita but fluffier—were a highlight. On your way out be sure to grab one of the huge lemon-coconut macaroons, for the road.