Chris Meighen, Vice President at Goodstock By Nolan Ryan knows beef. With a Degree in Meat Science and over 20 years experience in the beef & cattle industry, he has picked up a thing or two.  As a Native Texan, he’s passionate about real Texas beef. In the latest episode of Goodstock’s educational series, ‘Good Tips’, Chris shares his expert knowledge about selecting the perfect cut, preparing it, and ideal grilling methods for specific cuts. Goodstock By Nolan Ryan believes their responsibility as craft beef purveyors extends far beyond selling high quality meat. For beef lovers to have the very best eating experience at home, they need to understand best practices throughout each step of the process.  From selecting the perfect cut to serving it on the plate, that’s where “Good Tips” comes in.

The latest video in the series is all about Texan’s favorite cut, the Ribeye. Watch as Chris walks through the various types of Ribeye cuts there are to choose from, what to look for when selecting one, where the most tender bites can be found, and the best cooking methods for each cut of Ribeye.