Everything about the products and services found at Goodstock By Nolan Ryan is a step-above what you would expect from any beef purveyor. That’s why they’ve specially curated the rubs, spices and marinades they offer to ensure no one walks away without discovering something new.

In the latest episode of ‘Good Tips’, Goodstock expert, Chris dives into the world of flavors offering tips and techniques to applying spices, rubs and marinades that will bring your grilling adventures to the next level. He teaches us the different ways to approach marinading your beef, the effect it has on the tenderness of it while keep the integrity of the natural beef flavors. He then walks through rub application, and which cuts perform best with generous portions versus modest. Whether you’re looking to add additional flavor for a quick steak on the grill or spending hours seasoning briskets and beef ribs for the perfect backyard BBQ, Goodstock provides you with useful pointers to ensure the most flavorful, tender beef possible, crowning you “The Pitmaster” with family and friends.