A trip to Corpus Christi is all about spending hours relaxing with toes in the sand and splashing around in the ocean water. Lively Beach, a new vacation rental, offers rooms and suites with private access to the pristine beach so that all one has to do is step out of their room to be a short walk away from the ultimate Texas beach getaway. No worries about loading into the car and potentially having to turn around because you forgot something. And when lunch time comes around, all you have to do is take a quick break for lunch at the room before heading back to the excitement of a day at the beach.

Lively Beach offers a great getaway for all types of people looking for a relaxing vacation. One of the great options in Lively Beach include being able to cook your own meals in their suites with a full kitchen, fridge, and dishes. The convenience of the beach and a kitchen means you almost never have to leave (although you’ll definitely want to in order to explore all the different fun things to do around Corpus Christi).  All of the closets, dressers, and storage space is perfect for holding all the beach gear, beach towels, sand building equipment, and anything else one might need!

The design of Lively Beach is bright and colorful. As soon as you pull into the property, you’re met with palm trees and the blues, greens, and yellows for all of the tropical vibes.

Of course one of the biggest attractions is just being so close to the beach. Outside of the main downtown, the beach around Lively Beach tends to be more relaxed. Guests simply cross the boardwalk for their own private access to the beach. During the sunrise and sunset, the sky lights up in brilliant colors and the waters are clear. Lively Beach also offers golf cart rental options for people who want to explore more.

When in Corpus Christi you can never get enough time out by the water! When not at the beach there’s the option for the large pool. There are sections for kids and greater depths and with how large it is, there’s no worry about feeling too crowded. In fact, the entire boutique hotel experience offers plenty of space with no crowds.

Overall, Lively Beach is a wonderful option for those looking to spend most of their time visiting the beach in Corpus Christi and for those who want a beautiful, bright, and open space for a vacation as a couple or large family. The laid back atmosphere and bright colors add to the vacation experience when coming into town (or even enjoying a little staycation).

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Words and photos by My Curly Adventures.