“Running a small business can be fickle. It’s a 24/7/365 hustle,” says Ben Collins, co-founder of The Periti Group, an Aubrey-based engineering and consulting firm.

So when Collins and his business partner, Peter Nasr, decided to put their 25+ years of expertise together to launch a company of their own, they knew they wanted to create a collaborative banking relationship with another local business — one that shares their desire to build something new.

“Whoever’s servicing small businesses should look for ways to help them grow. They should be able to plug into your goals and desires, run alongside you, and want to build your business,” Collins believes. And they found this with Texas Capital Bank. For Collins and Nasr, who pride themselves on values of “quality, trust, and integrity,” leaving a legacy of servant leadership is at the core of their business. So it’s understandable that they claim the proactive communication and open availability of their dedicated banker has been a “game changer” in developing an interconnected, personalized relationship.

Collins claims, “If you’re looking for a place that wants to really become a partner for you and your business, you should really consider Texas Capital … for what they want to become.” He continues, “I think [Texas Capital Bank] is one of the more solid, if not the most solid, regional banks from a Texas perspective. All the ratings say so. The feedback says so.”

And, with their steadfast commitment to small business owners like them, Texas Capital is proud to continue building successes with Collins and Nasr — and many clients to come.

Choose Texas Capital Bank and bank boldly.

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