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This charming Texas town has everything you’ve been looking for, effortlessly blending small-town charm with big-city offerings. Discover the stories of brave heroes and the creations of one-of-a-kind makers that define the essence of the Lone Star State. As winter chill gives way to warmer days, it’s the perfect time to explore the outdoors in Waco. Find out what’s good in Waco, and unfold this invitation to explore a beautifully captivating city.

An aerial view of Downtown Waco and Cameron Park along the Brazos River.

Cameron Park

Are you a nature enthusiast? Cameron Park features an extensive trail system while offering unmatched scenic beauty. Running alongside the Brazos River, you can explore limitless hiking, jogging, and biking opportunities while immersing yourself in breathtaking views.

For those leaning towards social activities, Waco has you covered. Cameron Park’s versatile 416 acres cater to various social gatherings. Pack a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and enjoy a meal with friends in one of Cameron Park’s specially designated picnic spots. And don’t forget to check out the local event calendar for a sneak peek into upcoming festivals that will add an extra layer of excitement to your visit!

Cameron Park Zoo

Did you know? Waco is filled with wildlife, and just a stone’s throw from the Cameron Park trails lies the Cameron Park Zoo. This zoo isn’t your run-of-the-mill experience; with over 1,700 animals across 300 different species found across its stunning grounds, Cameron Park is destined to become your new favorite zoo. Stop by one of the shows, sign up for a tour, or stroll as you’d like from one natural habitat-filled enclosure to the next.

Magnolia Market and Bakery are a must-see in Waco.

Magnolia Market

Who doesn’t love a good shopping spree? Spoil yourself with the perfect blend of shopping, dining, and relaxation at Magnolia Market. You may recognize the name, and your suspicions are correct! The world of Chip and Joanna Gaines unfolds right here in Waco, Texas. You could say that Chip and Joanna introduced the world to Waco. Their loveable personalities and Joanna’s eye for design have made Waco a must-visit destination for anyone who considers themselves a homemaker, renovator, or interior designer.

Good eats are available at local food trucks.

Their now world-famous Silos has become a must-visit Waco landmark. Stroll through the beautifully designed grounds, and discover unique finds in the charming boutiques. Be sure to check out the local food trucks, as they enrich the market with sweet and savory Waco eats. The Magnolia Market is not just a shopping destination but a reflection of Waco’s springtime charm and community spirit.

A well-loved Waco landmark, the Magnolia Silos (top center) are visible at night.

Texas Rangers

There’s one group of people who made their home on the range and helped foster Texas pride — the Texas Rangers. Here in Waco, you’ll find the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, where they rewind the clock and teach you about the heroes and their stories that made the Rangers the most famous police force in the world.

With its captivating exhibits and educational content, the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame becomes a must-see destination for families. Witness authentic uniforms and artifacts as the Hall of Fame pays homage to impactful figures that make indelible marks on Texas history. Whether you’re a history lover or simply seeking an enriching experience, the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame is an essential stop on any Southwestern adventure.

Plenty of colors and flavors at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market.

Waco’s Downtown Farmers Market

A bustling hub of local vendors and artisans, Waco’s Downtown Farmers Market invites you to experience the colors and flavors of spring. Immerse yourself amidst the historic downtown area, where crisp fruits, farm-fresh eggs, and artisanal cheeses are easily accessible. The market offers a feast of flavors highlighting Waco’s agricultural richness.

Beyond the bountiful produce, this market serves as a social hub where family, friends, and neighbors converge to share an abundance of locally crafted items. Waco’s Downtown Farmers Market provides a dynamic space to foster connections, enjoy live music, and revel in the positive atmosphere. From farm-fresh produce to handcrafted goods, the market is a vibrant showcase of the community’s creativity and abundance.

Embark on an adventure in Waco, where nature enthusiasts, social spirits, and history buffs thrive. It’s time you finally took the trip you’ve been planning for years and find out what’s good in Waco. Believe it!

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