We’ve all been there before. You’ve decided to stop at a celebrated BBQ Joint on a road trip, picked out your spot, and looked forward to the moment you taste that first bite with great anticipation. You’ve probably stalked their Instagram for days and drooled over the mouthwatering photos. You finally arrive, get in line, and then it hits you: you need to actually make a selection from the plethora of options. You’re hungry, but you have your limits, and so does your budget.

We’re here to take the stress out of that decision for you with a new series dedicated to highlighting the ideal order at some of the best BBQ Joints in Texas. Read on to learn what the insiders order at 1775 Texas Pit BBQ in College Station, TX.

Meat #1: Goodstock Black Label Brisket

This is one of the most popular items on the menu for a reason. The Doan brothers, pitmasters Brad and Brandon, hang their hat on their brisket, and their version is the definition of “craft BBQ.” You won’t find a better example of the indulgent pinnacle of Texas ‘cue anywhere in the world.

Photo courtesy of Goodstock by Nolan Ryan

Meat #2: Premium Czech-Style Smoked Sausage

If you’re a 2-meat kind of person, there are several excellent ways you can complement the brisket, but the choice here is another Central Texas classic: the pork & beef sausage. You’ll appreciate mixing up bites of the snappy, smokey link filled with a perfectly balanced texture that isn’t too fine, nor too chunky. Plus, you’ll pay homage to the Czech heritage of the region with this exemplary application of culinary tradition that’s made from a long-standing local recipe nearby at the Texas Meat Market in Bryan, TX.


With apologies to the No Sides No Sauce purists, we think no perfect BBQ tray is complete without at least one of the pitmaster’s side dishes. And in this case, you’d be doing the whole Doan family a disservice if you skipped them, not to mention your own experience.

1775 is a family operation in every sense of the word, and their scratch-made sides are the perfect example. Brad and Brandon’s mother, Belinda, is the master of all sides and desserts, and their homestyle flavor comes from the fact that she makes them all personally, with the help of Brandon’s wife, Glenda. We recommend three sides when you come here.

Photo courtesy of Goodstock by Nolan Ryan

Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Most BBQ joints have some version of potato salad on the menu, and while tradition takes precedence for many of the options at 1775, this is a can’t-miss exception. Expertly-seasoned mashed potatoes are topped casserole style with cheese, bacon, and chopped green onions. Your side order is destined to have a tectonic plate of the flavorful top crust, which accentuates the savory meat with a choose-your-own-adventure bite that can feature mainly potatoes or a big chunk of the topping to put this meal over the top and sear it in your core memories like you’re in a Pixar movie.

Refreshing Cucumber Salad

This aptly named side is a delightful interlude as a palette cleanser and pop of color and fresh flavor in the middle of your carnal celebration of Texas BBQ. Your pictures will look better, your mother will thank you from your subconscious for eating your vegetables, and your next bite of peppery brisket will have the same endorphin hit as your first.

Belinda’s Corn Casserole

This is your Goldilocks side…and not just because of the lovely hue of the dish. It’s a perfect side at 1775 because it fits so nicely between the rich meat and hearty Loaded Mashed Potatoes and the Refreshing Cucumber Salad. It’s a delicious spin on a classic BBQ side. Smooth, subtle, mildly sweet + salty texture is studded with bright juicy pop of the corn kernels. A great complement to the rest of your perfect meal.

There you have it–the perfect order at 1775 Texas Pit BBQ. You can put it to good use on your next trip out to College Station, and even take advantage of their new online ordering, now that you don’t need to contemplate the menu while waiting in line.