Eat My Words |
December 9, 2010

Trailer Thursday: La Boîte

  I can think of so many ways to repurpose an 8-foot-by-20-foot shipping container. Use it as a place to store your discarded lamps, books, folding chairs, and husband’s hideous red leather sofa from his “wild and crazy” days. Hang a disco ball, invite some bell-bottomed friends, and party like

Street Smarts |
December 1, 2009

Main Street, Salado

Veer off I-35 to explore this lively stretch of boutiques, bistros, and gift shops galore.

Business |
November 1, 1992

Java Jive

“WE CATER TO REAL COFFEE drinkers,” says seventy-year old Joseph Fertitta, the president of Beaumont’s Texas Coffee Company and son of the founder. Texas’ only family-owned Coffee-manufacturing company has been perking along with its Seaport brand since 1921, competing in the national market by virtue of its product’s prodigious strength.

Food & Drink |
December 1, 1983

The Texas Food Manifesto

Fie on the cilantro fad, greaseless barbecue, and indiscriminate mesquite-grilling. Let’s hear it for Frito pie, catfish plates, and other gems of Texas’ true cuisine