Houston’s men can puff out their chests and know their city was ranked the sixth manliest city in the country, besting Dallas by nine slots. These were the only two Texas cities that made the fifty-city list.

While the list’s website does not explain the methodology, according to West Palm Beach’s Newschannel 5 the study ranked cities “based on factors such as the number of steak houses, pick-up trucks, motorcycles and home improvement stores per capita.”

The list, now in its fourth year, was drawn up by Bert Sperling for Mars Chocolate North America in an attempt to boost sales of their Combos snack, a “hearty pretzel and cracker snack made with real cheese” that the company apparently wants manly men to eat.

San Antonio residents still smarting from the Spurs defeat at the hands of the Thunder will be unhappy to learn that Oklahoma City topped the list.

“The results don’t lie: the manliest place to be is the city they call ‘OKC,'” Craig Hall, a Mars general manager said in a statement. “From its stellar hoops team to its love of pick-up trucks, Oklahoma City exemplifies the best of being a man.”