January 2
A thirsty thief entered a store on New Year’s Eve and reportedly stole two thirty-packs of beer.

January 3
A man reportedly left a baggie of methamphetamine on the counter at Love’s Country Store.

January 6
A woman reported to police on Thursday that a friend threw a pair of sunglasses at her and struck her in the arm.

January 9
An inmate at the Angelina County Jail became angry while speaking with a visitor in the visitation area and threw the telephone receiver into the separation window, which caused it to break.

Someone stole ladders from a business.

January 11
Traveling scammers get complimentary stay at county jail. Lufkin Police arrested three people from Georgia who allegedly tricked restaurant cashiers into giving them extra change Tuesday evening.

January 23
Someone reported being bit on the leg and lower lip Sunday by a person they are in a relationship with.

January 25
A mother reported her oldest child took her younger child to another state in December. The children’s father went to the location and brought the younger child home. The mother wishes to file kidnapping charges against her older child.

January 27
A subject reportedly sent over eighty inappropriate text messages and phone calls to a complainant.

January 30
A woman reported she gave another woman $7 on Sunday to buy her a pack of cigarettes. The other woman never returned.

January 31
A hot thief reportedly stole two window units in a burglary.