The internet can be stressful to log on to. It’s where we argue about politics, read the bad news of the day, get bombarded with ads for stuff that we don’t need (yet somehow can’t resist buying). It’s also the place, though, where comedic talents like Texan Demi Adejuyigbe’s brand of charming weirdness gets to flourish, so we suppose it’s not all bad.

Adejuyigbe has a talent for bizarre, deadpan humor, selling his gags with conviction. You don’t necessarily need to figure out where, precisely, the joke he’s making lives in order for it to bring a smile to your face. It’s helped him go from a videographer at the University of Texas’s student newspaper the Daily Texan in 2012 to a writer on The Late Late Show today—and it’s made his Twitter account a must-follow. Especially today, September 21—the best day of the year.

Today’s the day mentioned in Earth, Wind & Fire’s funk-soul classic “September,” which opens with the lines, “Do you remember / the twenty-first night of September.” That’s today! Or, uh, tonight.

For the past two years, Adejuyigbe has celebrated by filming himself dancing earnestly to a remixed version of the song while wearing a T-shirt with the date across the front, with the words “that’s today” on the back. (Those T-shirts are also for sale, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to charity.) There’s something in his performance—so ironic that it crosses all the way back over to sincere again, or maybe so sincere that it comes off as ironic—that’s irresistible, which probably explains why the video has been watched more than 1.5 million times.

The video was such a hit that Adejuyigbe followed it up last year with a new version—bigger, better, and bolder, with explosions (in the form of confetti poppers, but still), the way the entertainment industry demands of all sequels. Like Iron Man 2 or The First Purge, the follow-up found an audience, albeit a slightly smaller one than the installment that jump-started the series.

In the days leading up to September 21, Adejuyigbe was made aware that he had a number of fans excited for him to post a 2018 version of “September.” And, come mid-afternoon, he delivered—and what he came up with didn’t disappoint.

The children’s choir is a great touch, but perhaps just as charming is the fact that he’s not the only person to pay tribute to the greatness that is “September” today. Shortly after midnight, a twitter account posted a video made by a group of fans who picked up the torch and memed it away, offering their tribute not just to the glory of Earth, Wind & Fire, but also to Adejuyigbe’s inspired take on the song:

So far, we’ve yet to see any additional “September” videos, but we hope everyone makes them, posts them on Twitter, and spreads a little bit of joy around the internet. It’s a happy song. The world is weird, but you’re alive in it. Earth, Wind & Fire made a whole song about September 21, and that’s today. Why not celebrate?