November 30
Someone stole a Bible and a machete from a vehicle in the Walmart parking lot.

November 29
A complainant reported numerous vulgar anonymous phone calls.

November 28
Someone broke into and stole music equipment and a vacuum from a church.

November 26
Someone stole a bathroom sink, door, couch, and love seat, valued at a total of $1,250, from a house overnight while the owner was at work.

Someone allegedly stole a woman’s nine-year-old Pomeranian named Peggy Sue. According to the incident report, the Pomeranian is worth $3,000.

November 23
A man took a test drive in a car and never returned.

November 20
Someone reportedly stole white socks, underwear, tweezers, styling gel, shaving cream, razors, oil mousse, mousse, men’s T-shirts, house shoes, fake eyelashes, cleaning wash, body wash, and a bandana that totaled about $90 from Walmart Saturday afternoon.

November 19
Someone reportedly adopted kittens on October 30 and returned them on November 7 with broken bones.

November 16
A man entered a room without permission.

November 13
Someone reportedly stole anti-epileptic medication from a Cadillac.

November 9
A man reported electronics and a bowl of change were stolen from his home during a burglary.

November 7
Someone reported a television stolen from a room at Petty’s Motel.

November 6
A woman was reportedly run over by her own vehicle while trying to load it onto a trailer.

November 5
Lufkin police arrested a man whose family told officers he spoke in tongues and became possessed by a demon after drinking.

Someone redirected the local water supply and tampered with and destroyed city property.

November 3
A man reported losing an envelope of cash at the post office.

November 1
A man advised his truck was damaged while he was out fishing.