Ready to be glad that you’re not a giraffe? That photo up there is a shot of the Houston Zoo’s new baby giraffe, who was delivered on Tuesday. That was the culmination of a whopping fourteen month pregnancy for the mother, Tyra, who delivered the as-yet-unnamed baby as a six-and-a-half foot tall, 165-pound little homie. That’s comparable to the stats on, say, three-time WNBA MVP Lisa Leslie. Giraffes are amazing.

That little guy is the youngest, tallest Houstonian at the moment, at three days old. He’s also Tyra’s eighth calf in her fifteen years, and he brings the zoo’s herd up to nine giraffes

For those who prefer their baby animals tiny and fuzzy, meanwhile, Lufkin’s Ellen Trout Zoo is the new home of Linne, a two-toed sloth. Linne was born on January 16, and below you can see a picture of her at the same age as the Houston Zoo’s new giraffe. 

Linne is sleepy, obviously, because sloth—and in the three weeks between that photo being taken and now, not much has changed for the fuzzy, lazy creature, except that she now takes her naps in her mother’s fur, as is natural for two-toed sloths. 

Linne currently weighs a pound and a quarter—sloths grow slowly, presumably the way they do everything else—or 1/132 of the giraffe in Houston. In addition to nursing, the sloth enjoys the occasional grape, according to the Ellen Trout Zoo’s Facebook page, where you can see more of Linne.