The inevitable J.J. Watt backlash is probably coming soon. You don’t get to be as ubiquitous as the Houston Texans’ defensive end, who has somewhere in the ballpark of one zillion endorsement deals right now, without inspiring some haters. But Watt’s latest ad with Oklahoma City Thunder star and former Texas Longhorn Kevin Durant is indisputably hater proof.

The American Family Insurance commercial features Watt and Durant being pretty adorable. A collection of regular people are doing somewhat regular-people things—training for a marathon, practicing for roller derby, playing basketball, taking a dance class, etc.—just as Watt and Durant show up to surprise them with banners that say things like, “Dance Your Way To The Top, Amanda” and “Tiana: Mom. Nurse. Student. Hero.”

Predictably, the people lose their minds when they see the star athletes appear out of nowhere to cheer them on. Watt literally makes a grown man cry just by showing up and telling him he’s doing a good job, which crosses something else off of our “is there anything that J.J. Watt can’t do” list.