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Willie Nelson Gave New York Times Columnist Maureen Dowd A Pot Tutorial

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Willie Nelson is unquestionably America’s best-loved octogenerian stoner, which means that there’s not a better person to consult with, if you’re a New York Times columnist looking to show that she’s not as inept when it comes to marijuana. That’s what Maureen Dowd did, after writing about her bad experience in Colorado earlier this summer, when she consumed too much of a weed-infused candy bar and subsequently experienced what she described as an hours-long “hallucinatory state.” In her Sunday column from the weekend, called “Two Redheaded Strangers,” Dowd hops onto the Honeysuckle Rose, Nelson’s tour bus, to talk pot.

Dowd received a few important tips from Willie, who knows of what he speaks. Here are a few fun facts about Willie Nelson’s own experiences with marijuana gleaned from Dowd’s conversation: 

He’s had too much before, too

Even the nation’s oldest and most famous stoner has made the same mistakes that Dowd made. According to the column, Nelson told Dowd that: 

“The same thing that happened to you happened to me one or two times when I was not aware of how much strength was in whatever I was eating,” Nelson said, in his honeyed voice. “One time, I ate a bunch of cookies that, I knew they were laced but I didn’t worry about it. I just wanted to see what it would do, and I overdid it, naturally, and I was laying there, and it felt like the flesh was falling off my bones.” 

He doesn’t like to get high off of edibles—but he understands the appeal

Nelson’s experience with the cookies that sent him into a Dowd-like spiral may not have been the turn off for him, but when he gets high, he’d rather not eat it. 

“Honestly, I don’t do edibles,” he continued. “I’d rather do it the old-fashioned way, because I don’t enjoy the high that the body gets. Although I realize there’s a lot of other people who have to have it that way, like the children that they’re bringing to Colorado right now for medical treatments. Those kids can’t smoke. So for those people, God bless ’em, we’re for it.”

He prefers to get it from a vaporizer these days

Nelson is an old man at this point, and smoking is not great for your lungs. Instead, he fancies a vaporizer. He also prefers pot to alcohol because it keeps him mellow. 

He showed me his pot vaporizer, noting: “Everybody’s got to kill their own snakes, as they say. I found out that pot is the best thing for me because I needed something to slow me down a little bit.” He was such a mean drunk, he said, that if he’d kept drinking heavily, “there’s no telling how many people I would have killed by now.”

(image via Flickr)

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  • waynus siez

    being at a point in my life where I can truly say, “I’ve been around the block a few times”, some observations made along the way are very clear now. One being that alcohol is poisonous to the human body and with continued use destroys the liver, brain and a whole mess of other things. Let us never forget those who have been killed by alcohol induced actions which will go into the hundreds of thousands, dare I say millions, in this country alone! (I admittedly don’t keep up with the stats) Now on the other hand I’ve observed smokers that become really funny after a few “hits” or just completely “veg out” on the couch, some even play sports much better. With that being said I’ve never heard nor witnessed death in any manor related to the consumption of cannabis. I’ve heard the “gateway drug” argument mostly propagated to the legal and political communities whom I observe on a regular basis “swill” gallons of intoxicating adult beverages and place themselves in or on elitists platforms and demonize “those potheads” and in a most queer way justify their existence ( just baffles my mind). Now on the other side of the coin those “jelly heads” (my affectionate term) that range from attorneys, doctors to store clerks could literately “give a shit less” what the other side thinks. They don’t wake up with hangovers and can remember what they did the entire night before!
    Bottom line, in my humble observation is this: no matter what the “drug of choice” is, there always has been and always will be about 15-20% of the population who, for what ever reason, have to be in an altered state of mind. If I were “making the call” it would be for legalizing the plant in its natural form and watching the alcohol industry fall flat on its face and at the very least an enormous drop in those related deaths.