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The National Tour of Texas

Jun 30, 1987 By Dick Reavis

Back from the Gulf and along its coastal bend, picture-book towns offer scenes that have nearly vanished from urban Texas, not to mention the most confusing sign, the best noontime stop, and the most Shakespearean site.

May 31, 1987 By Dick Reavis

From the harsh landscape of the Permian Basin, whose residents find their faith in free enterprise tested by hard times; to the subtropical city of San Antonio, whose Hispanic citizens have gone gaga over Goyo-Goyo; into deepest South Texas, where the old times of the Parr machine are not forgotten.

Apr 30, 1987 By Dick Reavis

Travels through the Trans-Pecos—splendor in the Big Bend, the greening of the Alpine grasslands, today’s version of profitable ranching, escape from the rat race in South Brewster County, innkeeping Indians in Van Horn—to El Paso, way out on the edge of Texas.

¡Howdy, Señor!

Apr 1, 1987 By kellyfero

Come to Monterrey, where you can find all the comforts of home: Pollo Frito Kentucky, Super Sietes, and a looming economic crisis.

The National Tour of Texas

Feb 1, 1987 By Dick Reavis

The view from the Great Freeway: I-35 is two things, the speediest drive from Dallas to the Valley and the clearest division of Texas into West and East.

Hot Springs Eternal

Apr 1, 1986 By Joe Nick Patoski

Going to Hot Springs was once a Texas rite of passage steeped in the ways of old sin. Today this Arkansas resort is still worth the trip.

Medicine Men

Dec 1, 1980 By Michael Ennis

From pig pancreas pills to pyramid power ice trays, the cure-alls of these unorthodox healers are aimed at getting you back on the right wavelength.

Dust on the Golden Spur

Nov 1, 1980 By Michael Ennis

When ranchers gathered in Lubbock to celebrate their way of life, they found they didn’t have much cause for celebration.

The Conqueror Worm

Jul 31, 1980 By Michael Ennis

All the beautiful kickers gathered in Houston for the premiere of Urban Cowboy. It began at a shopping center and ended in a honk-tonk, and John Travolta had to say he liked it.

Three’s Company

May 31, 1980 By Michael Ennis

Not even a freak April snow could keep the glittering multitude from the Y.O. Ranch’s one-hundredth birthday party.

Three’s Company

May 31, 1980 By Michael Ennis

Not even a freak April snow could keep the glittering multitude from the Y.O. Ranch’s one-hundredth birthday party.

The Women Who Came to Dinner

Apr 30, 1980 By Michael Ennis

Bringing the world’s most controversial feminist sculpture to Texas turned out to be no picnic - but a rare feast for connoisseurs of the outrageous.

Flipping Out

Feb 1, 1980 By Michael Ennis

When big-time gymnastics came to Fort Worth, half the contestants were steely-eyed little girls with the bodies of children and the wills of fanatics.

Mexico: An Introduction

Aug 31, 1975 By Texas Monthly

Four hundred and fifty years ago Texas was claimed for Spain by an adventurer who was washed ashore, naked and starving, on the beach at Galveston. Cabeza de Vaca was promptly made a slave by the vile, cannibalistic, and otherwise inhospitable Karankawa Indians. For the next 300 years (more than…

AH Current

Jun 30, 1975 By josephlomax

Cool off this summer with a dip into one of the state‘s best old-fashioned swimming holes.

Head for the Hills

Dec 31, 1969 By Stephen Harrigan and Suzy Banks

A grand old opry in Mason, a homestyle bakery in Llano, a cabin with a view of the Sabinal Canyon, and sixteen other things I love about the Hill Country.

So Cool

Dec 31, 1969 By Helen Thompson

How to eat easy, play hard, and sleep well in the Davis mountains.