Illustration by Rami Niemi

Q:What the heck was the deal with Mother Nature in 2017?

The People of Texas

A: It’s no secret that Texas is a wild and woolly place when it comes to the elements. Wildfires, windstorms, ice storms, heat waves, cold spells, dry spells, thunderstorms, flash floods, twisters, hurricanes, earthquakes, and the occasional haboob are fairly regular occurrences across the Lone Star State. All in a single calendar year!

But 2017 took the meteorological cake. Thanks to Hurricane Harvey’s destructive landfall along the Coastal Bend and its biblical flooding in Southeast Texas, Texas’s legendarily fickle weather really socked it to us this time around. Why was Mother Nature so wrathful this year? The Texanist, like many a Texan, is still waiting for a direct response from the blustery momma goddess, but two likely reasons come to mind. First, she was giving us a test to keep us on our toes (and we are!). Second, she wanted to set the stage for a perfectly timed, spirit-lifting end to a particularly terrible decades-long drought. The Texanist speaks, of course, of the World Series Championship drought that had, until the Houston Astros finally came through, forever plagued Texas. All hail the raining—sorry, reigning—champs! 

The Texanist

And Bum Steer number 1 is . . .