Illustration by Rami Niemi

During a House Judiciary Committee meeting in November, Texas congressman Louie Gohmert unveiled a chart that he claimed demonstrated that deputy attorney general Rod J. Rosenstein and special counsel Robert S. Mueller III were too implicated in the Obama administration’s decision to approve the sale of uranium to Russia to objectively investigate the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. But the chart raised as many questions as it answered. Questions like “Is Bill Clinton connected to the ‘Clinton Foundation’?” and “Did Obama have more than one State Department?” Not to mention “What would it look like if someone created an annotation that pointed out this chart’s numerous confusions and inanities?”


1. The chart draws no direct connection between Michèle Flournoy and the Center for a New American Security—even though Flournoy is the center’s CEO.

2. “Obama FBI” isn’t directly connected to “Obama DOJ” —even though the FBI is part of the DOJ.

3. Is Oval “Comey” jealous that Diamond “Comey” is directly connected to his former deputy “Rosenstein” but he isn’t?

4. Why is this “Obama” directly connected to the “Susan Rice” way over on the other side but not the “Susan Rice” right next to him? Why was that job left to the “Obama” nestled beneath “Uranium One”?

5. Rest assured: “Obama” is directly connected to . . . “Obama.”

6. Are these unnecessarily jagged lines proof that this chart was made with an Etch A Sketch?

7. Is “DNC” connected to “Hillary Clinton” or just passing beneath her on its loooong trip to “James Clapper”?

8. Why is “Obama DOD” the only element rendered in orange?

And Bum Steer number 6 is  . . .