Dirk Nowitzki told the world that he was going to a show on Saturday.

What he didn’t say (or maybe didn’t know) was that he’d also take the stage.

Watch the video above to see the seven-foot-tall Dallas Mavericks star come out and join the North Carolina alt-country band on tambourine, exactly two minutes into their song “I Killed Sally’s Lover.”

It’s a task he took on with great joy (and with less awkwardness than former Lakers center Mark Madsen’s famous dancing). You can also see the band’s delight as Dirk leans down for hugs after the song is over.

The only bad news is, if the Mavericks don’t do better in the playoffs next year, Rockets, Spurs, and Lakers fans will be able to sneer, “time for Dirk to get out the tambourine!” instead of saying “golf clubs.”