GOOD FINDS It’s always a pleasant surprise to come across a fantastic outdoor sculpture in the middle of a downtown, to see a beautiful mural on the side of a building, or to hear a talented busker playing a tune on a city street. Lately, you can’t round a corner without stumbling upon an appealing event in an unexpected place. But who would have thought to look in a mop closet? At the Houston coffee shop Notsuoh, the storeroom (see picture) is where you will find a tiny gallery curated by the Art Guys, featuring an installation by conceptual artist Bernard Brunon. Only slightly less surprising is a two-room exhibit space tucked into a white duplex on a residential street. At San Antonio’s Sala Diaz, which is a few blocks east of the King William Historic District, you’ll find a kitschy bamboo “palace” by Francesca Fuchs, a vacation-themed site-specific installation by Aaron Parazette, and Mark Flood’s realistic, detailed paintings of lace patterns. But if you can’t travel far this month, fear not! There’s probably something engaging just down the block, like an image of the Virgin Mary on the hood of an Impala. Keep your eyes peeled. See Houston.