DO, RE, Sí San Antonio loves a fiesta. And during the Diez y Seis de Septiembre holiday, which celebrates Mexico’s independence from Spain on September 16, 1810, there is plenty of evidence of that. On September 14 the streets of the Alamo City will be filled with music and dancing during the annual Diez y Seis Guadalupe Street Parade and Festival. And on the following day at the San Antonio Charro Ranch, there will be equestrian contests during the Mexican Independence Day Charreada (a charreada is a Mexican rodeo). But this year, the party is just getting started around the sixteenth. Three other events that honor the traditions and talents of Latinos take place in San Antonio later this month. On September 17 the Institute of Texan Cultures opens a special exhibit, “Los Cucuis: Hispanic Folklore of South Texas,” which features the work of Xavier Garcia. Then, on the evening of September 26, the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center hosts a performance by the inimitable Los Lobos in honor of the tenth anniversary of the Guadalupe Dance Company. We suggest you warm up for the event earlier that day by dropping by the Witte Museum for the opening of “Squeezebox: Accordion Communities in the U.S.,” an exhibit of black and white photographs that documents diverse accordion music genres, including conjunto. See San Antonio.