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Movin’ On Up

In-migration, by the numbers.

By November 2015Comments

The real estate boom described in our cover story has many causes, none more attention-getting than in-migration that has occurred in recent years. Over the course of the first decade of the century, about 4.1 million Americans moved to Texas, and about 3.3 million left Texas for other states, adding up to a net gain of about 800,000 people. Where are they coming from? Glad you asked.

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Infographic by Jeff Salamon. Click to enlarge.


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  • oblate spheroid

    Good stuff, but I’d also like to see county-level data within Texas. How many people moved from Harris County to Travis County, and vice versa? Data regarding people moving between the major metros and within metros (say, from the core county to a suburban county) would probably paint a more fascinating picture.