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Solange and her GNØWLS collection. Illustration by Anna Donlan
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Here’s What Solange and Saint Heron Should Call Their IKEA Collaborations

Looks like Solange’s seat at the table may have a minimalist aesthetic.

On Thursday, Solange announced that her cultural brand, Saint Heron, would be collaborating with IKEA to create an interior design collection.

According to the announcement, Solange will work with Saint Heron’s co-curator, Armina Mussa, to create “architectural and interior design objects with multifunctional use” in partnership with the Swedish furniture brand. In some ways, it’s a natural progression for Solange, who has stepped solidly into her role as a contemporary artist: Since the release of her latest album, A Seat at the Table, in 2016, she has created performance pieces at the Menil Collection in Houston, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and the Chinati Foundation in Marfa.

Neither Saint Heron nor IKEA have offered specifics about what the pieces would be or even when the collection might be available, but Solange has been clear about what inspires her:

As early fans of IKEA x Solange, we decided to get a head start and make some predictions about what the GNØWLS collection might look like. We can’t wait to buy the sæts for our conference room—hopefully they come with a matching tæble. 

CLÖSET: Open wardrobe, white. This sustainable wood closet is built for years of handling multi-patterned outfits. It features an open design to prevent any accidental lock-ins.

CRÄNE: Mobile, multicolor. The patterns face downward to distract the child from the metal clouds and a sense of existential loneliness. Warning: It turns in circles and may make viewers dizzy.

SCÄLËS: Slatted base for a bedframe, adjustable. Forty-eight slats of layer-glued birch, lacquered candy-red, are divided into twelve comfort zones. The adjustable slats are ideal for when you’re weary of the ways of the world.

SCÄLËS: Slatted base for a bedframe, adjustable.
RÎSË: Alarm clock.
Left: SCÄLËS: Slatted base for a bedframe, adjustable.
Top: RÎSË: Alarm clock.

SÆT: Desk chair, pink, chrome plated. A metallic chair that both mirrors and stands out from its surroundings. The gently curved lines are kind to your body and provide built in lumbar support. A matching cushion (sold separately) allows you to rise above those who previously denied you a seat.

MØÖN: LED solar-powered orb lamp. A rechargeable light that illuminates any space like the orb in the night sky. Comes in two phases: full moon and new moon.

LÄVURS: Loveseat, Finnsta turquoise. Cuddle up in the soft comfort of the pyramid-shaped LÄVURS loveseat. With a simple click-clack mechanism, the loveseat easily transforms into a comfortable bed for one – just in case, because we all know some things never seem to f—ing work.

SÆT: Desk chair, pink, chrome plated.
MØÖN: LED solar-powered orb lamp in New.
Left: SÆT: Desk chair, pink, chrome plated.
Top: MØÖN: LED solar-powered orb lamp in New.

RÎSË: Clock. The first item from the “Øde to Sëlf Care” set, this sunrise alarm clock set to start shining thirty minutes before your alarm time so you can wake up and rise gently.

H€LMÜT: Cap, metallic silver. A new addition to IKEA’s limited clothing selection, this hat proclaims: Don’t touch my hair.

SPHËRË: Tasty snack. Exemplifying Houston-Swedish fusion, this is a crawfish meatball. (Three to an order.)


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