What does T. Boone Pickens tweet for fun when there’s no Oklahoma State game? Would you believe, he throws down against rapper Drake (above right)?

At 7 p.m. Wednesday, the Dallas energy magnate (who has nearly 45,000 followers) needed all of eight words to put “Drizzy” (who has 7.4 million followers) in his place for bragging about money, with an exchange reminiscent of Justin Timberlake’s famous line in The Social Network

The chart-topping Canadian actor/rapper is not somebody Pickens follows, so presumably he saw a retweet (we’ll just pretend to overlook the fact that Pickens’ Twitter account is “updated by Boone himself and members of his team,” lest we find out it was some twenty-year-old intern from the OSU offensive line).

Late Wednesday night, after much of Twitter had expressed its awe at Pickens’ swagger, Drake gracefully acknowledged he’d been schooled.

Below, via Storify, reactions to the Pickens tweet, from the initial wave of admiration to more pointed commentary (including tweets from liberal pundit Keith Olbermann and the baseball parody account Old Hoss Radbourn):