– They served barbecue in Austin at Governor Gregg Abbott’s inauguration on Tuesday. KVUE in Austin provides this report.

– About a mile of Kiolbassa Sausage, made in San Antonio, was served to the hungry crowd at the inauguration celebration.

– Here’s a combo plate from the Capitol grounds:


– Bill Addison compiled his list of the 38 best restaurants in the country for Eater last week. Now he says he most regretted not getting to North Carolina to try whole hog barbecue, and also notes that Killen’s Barbecue in Pearland and La Barbecue in Austin will be strong contenders for next year’s list. 

– The Houston Chronicle looks at Camp Brisket weekend, held two weeks ago at Texas A&M. 

– Kreuz Market is opening in Bryan soon, and this coming Wednesday they’ll transport coals from the Lockhart pits to light the new ones in Bryan.

– The aftermath of a grease fire:


– Kydd Jones talks about the Austin hip-hop scene with the Austin Chronicle over some Sam’s BBQ.

– The Washington Post reviewed a barbecue joint where the owner hates salt and pepper, and brines his brisket for 48 hours.

– The Fullsteam Brewery in North Carolina offers Hogwash!, a smoked porter meant to pair with North Carolina barbecue.

– A whole group of Texas barbecue sauces from some famous Texas barbecue joints have hit the shelves at HEB:


– Burger Mary visits Valentina’s BBQ & Tex-Mex and wonders why more barbecue joints don’t bother with tortillas and queso. 

– The Smoking Ho offers this mixed review of the barbecue at Roegel’s Barbecue Co. in Houston. 

– The Dallas Observer provides this very early review of the new location of Smoke in Plano that’s been open for just a week. 

CBQ Smokehouse is profiled by the New Braunfels newspaper (paywalled). 

– Here’s how they lit the first fire in the smoker at the new Southside Market in Bastrop:


– Robert Moss at Southern Living provides some good options for barbecue near the interstate highways of the South.

– Adam Perry Lang sits down with the Tennessean in Nashville to talk about live-fire cooking.

– There was also an inauguration barbecue in Alabama, but it only fed about 1,000.

Maxine Sykes of the famous Bob Sykes Bar-B-Q in Alabama has passed away.

– Killen’s Barbecue in Pearland is making burnt ends out of short ribs:


– Historic Gerard’s Bar-B-Que in Beaumont serves up their specialty juicy links and pork bones, still cooked in the original brick pit. 

Hard Eight BBQ in Stephenville is profiled by their local paper. 

– A new barbecue joint called Big E’s Barbecue is open in Brownsville, Texas. 

– There’ll be plenty of barbecue to enjoy during San Antonio’s Meat Week

– There’s another brisket bandit on the loose. This one is in San Antonio and it looks like Sasquatch:


– Kerlin BBQ in Austin has been so successful selling smoked meat kolaches, that they are backing off their barbecue hours to 11-2 on Friday only.

– A kosher barbecue joint in New York is having a hard time opening, and one of the hurdles is getting approval for their wood-fired smoker from Texas.

– If you like Kraft barbecue sauce, they now have a whole new recipe (no more HFCS), and a new line of flavors.

– Some sad news out of Jefferson, Texas where one of Texas Monthly’s Top 50 barbecue joints is up for sale: