– Get your burnt ends right here:


– A Barbecue Showdown is coming to the Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival next week. 

– Just two more weeks at the Evie Mae’s BBQ trailer in Wolfforth before they move into their new building on 04/21. 

– Just one more weekend left at the Heim BBQ trailer in Fort Worth. They open their new restaurant soon. 

– A reluctant brisket Bloody Mary in Austin:


– The Statesman reported that Ben Crenshaw reported that Jordan Spieth was going to serve Salt Lick BBQ at his Masters dinner. Spieth, however, questioned where that story came from, telling the Golf Channel, “I didn’t select Salt Lick. I don’t know where that was spread from.” 

– A wrestling fundraiser organized to benefit Clark’s Outpost BBQ, which recently burned down, was going well until the organizer broke his back in the ring. 

– Valentina’s in Austin featured by Beef Loving Texans:


– Two North Carolina barbecue joints are pawns in an article about the appropriation/tradition/authenticity debates regarding Southern food. 

– Texas native Brian Buechner brings Texas style barbecue to Las Vegas at Big B’s Texas BBQ

– Smoke a lamb breast this Easter:


Smoke in San Antonio has just opened its second location.

– With Cuba in the news, KHOU featured the Central Texas Bar-B-Q in Pearland which is owned by Cuban natives.

– University of Houston students can study barbecue and Texas wine for class credit.

– Robert Moss is into Texas smoked boudin:


– Tickets are available at the Big D BBQ Battle, coming to Dallas on June 29th and 30th. 

– Drew Menter of Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse in Dallas showed Fox 4 how to make a sausage and sweet potato hash. 

– Ariel, the Little Mermaid, is looking forward to the “famous Dallas barbecue.” 

– The Houston Chronicle declares a barbecue king of NYC:


– Questlove posted a song about his meal at Stiles Switch BBQ in Austin.

– “We know what people like. If we cared about that, every show would be about barbecue.” – Bourdain.

– Guy Fieri promises “truly righteous, mouth-watering barbecue,” on a cruise ship.