– The Houston Chronicle asks “Have we reached peak barbecue?”

– Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt examines just how much we pay for bones when ordering ribs at a barbecue joint.

– The Austin City Council passed a resolution to study smoke mitigation requirements for barbecue joints.

– More on the Austin smoke resolution:


– Another glowing review (with photos to match) of Pappa Charlie’s Barbeque in Houston.

– The Houston BBQ Festival has some pull outside of Texas. They’ve just added Brooklyn’s Hometown Bar-B-Que and The Beast from Paris, France to their roster.

– Texas Pit Quest goes on a popular barbecue route from Houston, and finds Snow’s BBQ and Louie Mueller are still putting out great barbecue.

– The new Smoke in Plano gets a great review:


– An exhibition called Fat Smoke will be showing at Austin’s Davis Gallery starting on April 25th. Featured will be the barbecue photography of Matthew Fuller. 

– Wide Open Country ranks the 17 best barbecue joints in Texas

– “Since 2000, Danish farmers have raised pigs without relying on regular doses of antibiotics.” 

– Texas style barbecue in Monterrey, Mexico:


– There’s a new (sorta) barbecue joint, the People’s Pig, in Portland with pig, pig, and pig on the menu, and a little smoked/fried chicken too.

– A Texas style barbecue joint is coming to Seattle. They’ll inject the briskets with apple juice at Drunky Two Shows BBQ.

– Burger Mary found some good barbecue in New Orleans.

Red Bridges Barbecue in Shelby, North Carolina was the big winner in Garden & Gun’s Final Four style barbecue bracket.

– Famous Dave Anderson hasn’t been involved with the Famous Dave’s BBQ chain for over a year, so now he’s planning to open his own restaurant, Jimmie’s Old Southern Smokehouse BBQ, in Hayward, Wisconsin.

– The Year of Alabama BBQ:


A thief who broke into Lockhart Smokehouse in Dallas to steal a television has been caught. 

Chasin’ Tail BBQ has a new location in Lake Dallas after their original location was demolished to make room for a highway expansion. 

– Joe Ricky of Riscky’s BBQ preps some beef ribs and turkey for KDFW. 

Heim Barbecue, a new barbecue food truck in Fort Worth, is having a promising start according to the Dallas Observer. 

– Heim Barbecue also had one die hard BBQ fan as a customer:


– La Barbecue announced their new location. It’ll be at 1722 S. Congress Ave.

Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ trailer is moving temporarily. They also plan to open another trailer called Violet Taco that will serve breakfast tacos.

Schmidt Family Barbecue is expanding. They’ll add a new location in Lakeway later this year.

– Fed Man Walking is in search of great tacos in the Austin area, and he liked what he found at Schmidt Family Barbecue in Bee Cave.

– With the closing of Blue Ox BBQ, Ironwood Barbecue has come to take their place at Buzz Mill coffee bar.

– Barbecue trailer looking for a good home:


– Aaron Franklin offers some tips on ordering barbecue to Food Republic. 

– Austin Food & Wine’s Live Fire event is happening tonight at the Salt Lick. 

– A Fire & Smoke dinner sponsored by TMBBQ will be held in San Antonio next Monday. Chefs Jason Dady and Stefan Bowers will collaborate on the menu. 

– Alton Brown knows where to find the good eats: