– We had a little barbecue joint list come out this week: The 2017 Top 50 BBQ Joint list.

– Three new names have been added to the Barbecue Hall of Fame.

– The Houston Chronicle had some thoughts about how hard it is to get barbecue lists right.

– Because we all love barbecue tacos:


– Aaron Franklin is finally making plans for that line of backyard smokers he promised a while back.

– Aaron Franklin and James Moody talk about the Hot Luck Festival over an hour long soundtrack.

– Austinot is impressed with the creative barbecue being done by LeRoy and Lewis Barbecue.

La Barbecue is moving again. The trailer will set up at Quickie Pickie just a few blocks from their current location.

– Southern Smoke returns to Houston in October:


– Here are a few more details about the chefs and pitmasters who will be in attendance at Southern Smoke in Houston.

Arnold Schwarzenegger took in some barbecue at Killen’s in Pearland, then signed the wall with, “I’ll be back.”

– Smoked ribeye on the stovetop?


Brotherton Barbecue and Black Iron Eats are joining forces permanently and will expand the restaurant in Pflugerville.

– In his new book, The Complacent Class, Tyler Cowen contrasts urban and rural Central Texas by contrasting their barbecue.

– Here are five signs that you’re in a bad barbecue joint, per Fox News.

– This guy in Thailand cooks chickens in 12 minutes w/ solar power:


– At Meatopia in London they focus on the meat, but the vegetables get plenty of attention too.

– Artist Joshua David Keenan designed and painted the murals at Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar-B-Q in Tyler, and talked to The Tyler Loop about their genesis.

– The Smoking Ho gushes about a recent visit to Cattleack Barbecue in Dallas.

– A Southeast Texas news station is checking out the area barbecue joints, like Caroline’s in Kountze:


– They also took a tour of Billy Joe’s BBQ in Port Neches, Boomtown BBQ in Beaumont, The Little Cafe in Cheek, The Hut in Orange, Rock’s Spot BBQ in Bridge City, and West Texas Style Bar-B-Q in Sillsbee.

– Eater counts 2M Smokehouse as one of San Antonio’s hottest new restaurants.

– Melissa Cookston cooked her own breed of hog, a Berkshire cross, for Memphis in May over the weekend. It got her a first place finish in whole hog.

– More prediction than wish, but he’s not wrong:


– Of course it’s from the Boston Globe: “After the neighbors first complained about Shepard, the City Council last fall discussed banning restaurants from using wood-fired ovens and grills.”

– Here’s a video tour of Ray’s BBQ, a Texas-style BBQ joint in California, from Kevin’s BBQ Joints.

– The owner of Smalls BBQ in Chicago on this menu changes: “What I’m really excited about is that we’re not so meat-centric as we used to be.”

– Hot Luck was smoking over the weekend in Austin:


– Portland (Oregon) Monthly has a list of their city’s best barbecue joints.

– Folks don’t mind standing in line for great barbecue, even in the Phoenix heat, thanks to Little Miss BBQ.

– Barbecue, sliced beef, and bread…


– The New York Times found a few chefs to defend gas grills over charcoal grills, at least in specific situations.

– The barbecue scene in Ireland is a young one, but Robb Walsh believes it could use a little more smoke.

– This video from Kingsford with Vince Wilfork is everything: