– If you haven’t yet, you need to go:


– Wyatt McSpadden shared some of the barbecue portraits he’s taken over the years for Yeti’s Men Behind the Meat

– The Houston Chronicle discusses barbecue feuds across the state, and the lack of them in Houston. 

– The new Typhoon Texas waterpark includes a Texas barbecue restaurant with staff trained by Roegel’s Barbecue. 

– The Smoking Ho found some good BBQ in Georgetown:


– The Barbecue Bros. enjoyed a visit to Black’s Barbecue in Austin.

– The Waco paper highlights Axtell BBQ just northeast of town.

– Lupe Limon, formerly of Quality Packers in Victoria, has opened his own place, Limon’s BBQ.

– KBTX preps a couple racks of spare ribs with Lee Jasper at Kreuz Market:


– Steven Raichlen teaches How to Smoke Meat Without a Smoker in the Wall Street Journal.

– From Serious Eats, a recipe for smoked cochinita pibil.

– Acornseekers has set up a farm in Flatonia to raise Ibericus hogs.

– The Dan Patrick show took a trip to Killen’s Barbecue:


– Texas Rangers baseball writer Evan Grant will be a new barbecue columnist for the DMN.

– Houston’s ABC 13 travels to City Market in Luling for the Texas Roadtrippers segment.

– Austin KEYE took a road trip to Bastrop to visit Southside Market.

– Smoked cheese, anyone?


– Thrillist listed the most important food innovation of every state, and Alabama’s was white barbecue sauce. Texas’s chosen innovation was, of course, smoked brisket. 

– A few Kansas City food writers got together to compile a list of the best ribs in the city

– Erin O’Shea of Philly’s Percy Street Barbecue talks about the science of barbecue

– I don’t agree, but here’s their pick:


– I talked to the Texas Standard about Texas barbecue in Paris at The Beast.

– The Daily Meal provides a list of the best barbecue festivals in the country.

– Andrew Zimmern shares his picks for the best barbecue around the country.

– Do you have what it takes to be a bacon critic?