– John Lewis of Austin’s la Barbecue will travel to South Carolina to show them what Texas BBQ is all about in this cross-cultural barbecue event.

– Alice Laussade lists ten ways you know your relationship is over in Dallas. #2 is “He takes you to Dickey’s.”

– Goedecker’s pulled off some deep-level barbecue trolling. They created an infographic on American barbecue styles, left Texas off entirely, then sent it to me to re-post on a site dedicated to Texas barbecue. Bravo.

– The addition at Franklin Barbecue in Austin is well under way. This week they brought in a new smoker named “Bethesda.” It’s a wood-fired rotisserie built by Aaron Franklin and will be used for cooking ribs.
Franklin Smoker Crane


Patrick Feges of Killen’s BBQ and Wesley Jurena of Pappa Charlie’s BBQ will host a barbecue pop-up in Houston on 6/28.

– After much anticipation, Terry Black’s BBQ in Austin is open for business.

– The Smoking Ho finds just average barbecue at Fittie’s BBQ in Bastrop.

– The barbecue lists just keep coming out of Austin:


– David Rosengarten shares his five best barbecue experiences. Texas is of course well represented. 

– Saw’s BBQ in Homewood, Alabama was named the best BBQ in the country by Paula Deen. Also listed in the Top 10 are Live Oak BBQ in Austin and Snow’s BBQ in Lexington. In other news, Paula Deen still has a magazine

– Barbecue Rankings is looking for the best 100 barbecue joints in America. In the process they might have found the worst barbecue town in the country

– There’s a BBQ Twitter chat this morning:


Vitek’s BBQ in Waco will be featured on the show Shipping Wars.

B Daddy’s BBQ is a finalist in a competition to find America’s best BBQ food truck.

Big Daddy’s Roadhouse BBQ in Lavon laments high brisket prices.

– A couple of Conroe-area barbecue joints are highlighted, mainly for not being trendy.

– After taking over for the late Bob Michna, Jim and Tammy Talasek keep things humming along like they always were at Michna’s BBQ in Waco.

– Of course you can:


– Former Texas Monthly editor Jake Silverstein offers some of his favorites for NYC BBQ at the end of this interview. 

– The new version of Tavern on the Green disappoints in a New York Times review, including their “brisket in a sweetish barbecue sauce.” 

– San Francisco now has some good barbecue options in Smokestack , 4505 Burgers & BBQ, and maybe even an option in Berkeley

– Louisville is trying to better it’s barbecue scene, but The Smokehouse isn’t quite doing it. 

– Meanwhile in Denver, they think they’re barbecue options are pretty lame

– Here’s a wrap-up of the barbecue options in Las Vegas, but “brisket braised in apple juice?” C’mon Vegas.

– A video from Vice about whole hog barbecue in North Carolina:


The Big BBQ Bash in Maryville, Tennessee becomes an automatic qualifiying event for the American Royal and the Jack Daniel’s World Championship.

– Houston pitmaster and barbecue competitor Kerry Fellows to appear on Discovery America’s BBQ Pit Wars.

On sourcing your barbecue competition meats.

– The Chive looks at legendary barbecue cookers around the country.

– And finally, this Carlos Pena homerun ball landed in the brisket: