– BBQ guru Steven Raichlen shared his favorite stops for smoked meat with the Daily Beast, and Texas gets plenty of love.

– These are the most influential barbecue joints in the country.

– Why not try beef chuck in the smoker?


– The Star Telegram was there to document the opening of the Heim BBQ in Fort Worth

– Then they talked to the Heims about their first few days in business. 

– The Giddings Chamber of Commerce bestowed a lifetime achievement award to Tootsie Tomanetz, pitmaster at Snow’s BBQ. 

– Where Franklin says you should eat when you’re not eating at Franklin:


– The Houston Chronicle reports on Q-Shi, a barbecue and sushi fusion restaurant in Spring.

– Texas barbecue meets Indian/Pakistani food at this unique dinner coming up in Houston. East Indian burnt ends with Goan-style vindaloo, anyone?

– Some of the best brisket tacos in Texas:


– SA Flavor heads to the South Eastside neighborhood and finds the excellent Pollos Asados

– The Red Bulletin talks with Jason Dady about using a little booze in your barbecue

– Thorndale Meat Market was featured in a video by 44 Farms that focused on their sausage making

– Eat BBQ, lose weight:


– Bon Appétit names Buxton Hall Barbecue in Asheville, North Carolina the ninth best new restaurant in the country.

– Southern Living digs the smoked/fried catfish at Asheville’s Buxton Hall as much as they like the pork.

– Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine made a stop into Buxton Hall too.

– How to turn that 1 star review into 5 stars:


– BBNonics highlights several black-owned barbecue joints across the country that have been open for sixty years or more. 

– Guns Up BBQ heads to Lubbock for a tour of Red Raider Meats on the Texas Tech campus. 

– University of Memphis sent a few racks of Rendezvous ribs to Texas Tech to help convince them to stump for Memphis in the Big 12. I guess they forgot about the ribs at Evie Mae’s just outside of Lubbock. 

– Boston’s got some barbecue:


– Texas Pit Quest tries out a new Pit Barrel Cooker to see how it smokes a variety of meats.

– First We Feast collected some interesting slang terms from American butchers. Do you know your chump from your rump?

– Big time pork production in Illinois doesn’t smell right to many neighbors.

– I smell a McRib variation coming soon: