– Lolis Eric Elie laments the “golden age of barbecue.” He aptly compares barbecue’s spread to that of the Blues, and equates barbecue in cities like Seattle, San Francisco and Atlanta as the work of cover bands.

– AFAR magazine offers this tour of BBQ around the world. If you can believe it, their expert from Berkeley, CA let us all in on the secret of that the Salt Lick is Texas’ Best BBQ.

– Cute:


– Okra Magazine offers up a few of their favorite stops for barbecue in East Texas.  – Clyde Cooper’s Barbecue, the oldest operating barbecue joint in North Carolina (since 1938), has been forced by developers to move from their circa 1884 building. 

TRUE BEEF, a documentary about the beef industry in Texas in 2014. Here’s the trailer

– Danielle Dimovski continues her barbecue road tripping across the country for her show BBQ Crawl.  She did some folming in the DFW area over the weekend and made a stop in Lockhart on Tuesday.


– The headline almost says it all: “Kyrgyzstan teen dies after reportedly eating plague-infected marmot.” The marmot was barbecued

– This slight by the Dallas Farmers Market against Pecan Lodge would have been a bigger deal if the offending trailer had been serving BBQ instead of bratwursts and hot dogs, but it sure looked bad. 

– A classic foot-in-mouth moment, BBQ style: 



– Another barbecue pit stolen, and thankfully another recovery. This one in Nashville.

– “Dr. Joshua Rothman, UA professor of history and African American Studies, received an $18,000 grant from the Southern Foodways Alliance to study barbecue in the state of Alabama…” Good gig.

– Todd Blackledge is a college football commentator that travels the country looking for great food for his weekly segment Taste of the Town. This week his game was in Arlington, and he traveled to BBQ on the Brazos in Cresson just southwest of Fort Worth. It’s great to see this new joint getting some national attention.


– Armadillo Willy’s, a chain of Texas style barbecue joints in California produced this booklet (free for the downloading) about the company’s history, their first tour through Texas thirty-one years ago, and a detailed look at their latest Texas tour from earlier this year.

– The headline: “Gas is better than charcoal, according to meat magnate Pat LaFrieda” Why? “It’s so much easier. Why lump all that charcoal into one spot and then have to wait for it to heat up?” Silly.