– Behold the Bubba tater:


– Aaron Franklin on his parents’s short-lived foray into barbecue: “It took them about two years to realize it was a terrible way to live.” 

– KXAN heads down to Valentina’s Tex-Mex Barbecue in Austin for a full spread of barbecue tacos. 

– BBQ Recon revisits La Barbecue in Austin, and they haven’t missed a beat. 

– Agreed:


– The Sixth Annual Gettin’ Sauced event is coming to the Shady Springs Party Barn in Austin on Sunday, October 6th. The barbecue line-up is impressive.

– Cranfills Gap will host the Bacon Bash once again. It’s coming up on 10/15.

– The DMN headed to Fort Worth for some Heim BBQ:


– Jason Dady shared some of the signature cherry glazed baby backs from Two Bros. BBQ with CBS This Morning, and announced that a second location of Two Bros. BBQ is in the works. 

– The owner of Schoepf’s BBQ in Belton is looking to expand his business by opening a local meat market. 

– A new barbecue joint is taking shape in Houston:


– Tom Wilmer of KCBX visited with Arnis Robbins to discuss the new location of Evie Mae’s Barbeque in Wolfforth.

– Stillwater Barbeque in Abilene has begun a Reaper Rib Challenge. You get 15 minutes to eat five incredibly spicy ribs, and this video doesn’t make it look easy.

– I talked with the Texas Standard about the only 24/7 barbecue joint in Texas.

– Pork is cheap, really cheap:


– The Dallas Observer was impressed with Post Oak Smokehouse in Irving. 

– The Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship will be held on 10/30 and they’re looking for competitors. 

– Here’s part three of the four-part Burnt Legend series that tells the story of KC burnt ends:  


– Siblings in Kinston, North Carolina prepare to compete against one another in a whole hog barbecue contest

– In response to the state’s controversial HB2, The Daily Show opened a barbecue trailer in Raleigh, North Carolina called Bone Bros. Flamin’ BBQ, which refused service to people who the owners arbitrarily determined were gay. 

– Do you get the meat sweats?