– Austin’s? I think you meant “the World’s.”


– The upscale smoked meat restaurant Smoky Rose will open later this year across from the Dallas Arboretum. 

– The Dallas Observer is impressed with the new brunch menu at 18th & Vine, but as for the question, “who wants burnt ends at 10:30 a.m.?” Me. 

– Central Track headed to Pantego for the brisket and ribs at David’s Barbecue

– The BBQ, Blues, and Bandits Fest will be in Dallas this weekend with a barbecue competition on Saturday. 

– It’s still the #YearOfPastrami:


– “Volunteers collected thousands of pounds of what they call ‘perfectly good barbecue’ from the annual event to feed the hungry. But when Kansas City health inspectors found it, they threw it in the garbage.”

– The Scrumptious Chef talked with pitmaster Randy Valentine on winning the brisket category at the Meridian Texas National Championship Barbecue Cook Off.

– KEYE filmed a segment at the Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival last week.

– BBQ Recon attended our Brisket Brunch, and offered this recap.

– Chopped rib-end sandwich, anyone?


– The Houston Chronicle has this recap of the Southern Smoke event held in Houston over the weekend. 

– Foodways Texas is holding a drawing for their popular Barbecue Summer Camp, but you need to be a member by tomorrow to be eligible. 

– The Texas A&M Meat Genius counter at the Texas Monthly BBQ Festival was a hit. 

– Not that kind of mullet:


– Guns Up BBQ was impressed with their first visit to Killen’s Barbecue in Pearland.

– The Dallas Observer headed to Rap’s BBQ in Plano, and found it to be a “work in progress.”

Miller’s Smokehouse in Belton is getting a brand new 7000 sf building in Belton.

– John Lewis loved Snow’s BBQ before anybody knew about Snow’s BBQ:


– On BBQ Hub, Robert Moss looks at the variety of barbecue styles around South Carolina

– Barbecue Legend Ed Mitchell is launching a new barbecue truck in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

– Our State Magazine sings the praises of Buxton Hall in Asheville, North Carolina. 

– And you’ll want to watch:


– The Texas Standard talked with French pitmaster Thomas Abramowicz about what it’s like to cook Texas style barbecue in Paris.

– JC Reid discusses the rise of barbecue competitions across the globe.

– Smoked duck in Copenhagen: