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BBQ News: 12/16 – 12/22

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– Barbecue deflation at Snow’s BBQ:


– The Today Show sent a crew to Austin to see how they cook the barbecue at Franklin. 

– Munchies highlights the 6 best barbecue joints around Austin. 

– Here’s the early word on the barbecue at the new EastSide Tavern in Austin. 

– Guitar art imitates barbecue:


– Zagat provides this first look at the steak and barbecue at the new Killen’s STQ in Houston.

– Sadly, Charles Vincek, namesake of Vincek’s Smokehouse in East Bernard, has passed away.

Smokey Denmark’s in East Austin has shut down their food truck operation to focus more on their core business of sausage making.

– Ever heard of that Pecan Lodge place?


– Abe Avila closed Texas Monthly Top 50 joint Wild Blue BBQ in Los Fresnos in 2013. He’s back, but in Brownsville with 1848 BBQ. 

– BBQ Recon checks out Corkscrew BBQ in Spring and is more impressed with it than Lost Pines BBQ in Giddings. 

Buddy’s BBQ serves out of the Big Easy convenience store in Bedford, as documented by the Star-Telegram. 

– Central Track says these are the five best ribs in Dallas (and Plano). 

– The best new BBQ in DFW according to the Dallas Observer:


– If you’re looking for whole hog across the South (and NYC), this map from BBQ Hub should have you covered.

– The Telegram, out of Montreal, Quebec, came down to Texas to try the barbecue.

– Brazilian barbecue in Texas:


– MyHighPlains works quickly, and has already highlighted our Panhandle picks for best fried sides in Texas barbecue

– J C Reid of the Houston Chronicle looks at the thermodynamics of barbecue

– Some serious rotisseries:

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  • Craig

    My review of 1848 BBQ:

    It is tucked away in a little building off Palm Blvd in Brownsville. When you walk in, you see several promising signs of a good BBQ meal: (1) it closes “when the meat runs out,” (2) all of the meat is wrapped in butcher paper and (3) you smell the smoke as soon you step out of your car.

    I had the brisket and pulled pork. I asked for the fattiest piece of brisket they had. It had a nice bark and smoke taste. But they cut it way too thick. Each slice was about an inch thick, but would have been much better at 1/2 inch slices.

    The pulled pork was pulled fresh (i.e., they took the wrapped shoulder piece from the Cambro, pulled my 1/2 pound of pork and then re-wrapped the piece and returned it to the Cambro). It was very juicy and had a nice flavor. I did notice a lack of bark on it (and I clearly had some “outside” pieces of the shoulder). They could use a heavier hand on the rub to add more flavor.

    The BBQ sauce is homemade and is very sweet. It tasted heavily of peach (and I confirmed they use peach preserves in the sauce). Because it is so sweet, it goes much better with the pork than the brisket.

    Overall, this is a worthy stop if you are in Brownsville. They are just starting out and there is room for improvement. But they have a good foundation and there is a lot of promise.

    My personal ranking of the BBQ places in the LRGV (based solely on meat, not on sides, ambiance, convenience, etc).

    1. Rio Grande Grill (Harlingen)
    2. 1848 BBQ (Brownsville)
    3. Smoking Oak (Mercedes)
    4. Rudy’s (Brownsville)
    5. Mesquite House (La Feria)
    6. Longhorn Cattle (San Benito)