Every other week, Daniel Vaughn compiles the latest in barbecue news and unearths a few surprises. Here’s the roundup for December 27-January 10.

Louie Mueller Barbecue, Eddie O’s, and Eaker Barbecue will provide the smoked meats for the annual Super Beef Sunday held at Saint Arnold Brewery in Houston on February 3.

Houston Food Finder has a first look at Killen’s TMX, the new Tex-Mex spot that features some of the barbecue Ronnie Killen is already famous for.

Herb Taylor of Ray’s BBQ Shack in Houston explains the importance of patience in barbecue.

Let’s find this stolen smoker, folks:

RHBQ in Dallas is changing concepts to become HQ Prime Beer Garden, and Back Home BBQ will close its dining room.

The Dallas Observer shared its picks for the best new barbecue joints from Celina to Fort Worth.

Matt Pittman will open a storefront in Waxahachie to sell his popular Meat Church line of rubs.

Yes to more brisket for breakfast:

Steven Raichlen plans to write a new book called The Brisket Chronicles.

The Barbecue Bros. have ranked their best barbecue meals of 2018, and Texas-style barbecue gets plenty of love.

Real and vegan barbecue coming together on the same lot:

Chuck Blount of the San Antonio Express-News was impressed with the brisket at Heavy’s BBQ in Hondo.

After a 52-week barbecue search, the San Antonio Express-News named their ten best barbecue joints in the city, but they forgot to include The Granary.

The San Antonio Express-News also has some tips on cooking with liquid smoke. I guess they ran out of barbecue to eat.

Watch Mark “The Undertaker” Calaway tell some stories at Schmidt Family Barbecue (starting at the 6:04 mark):

Two San Antonio prison guards were caught smuggling “meth” into jail inside brisket tacos.

The local paper in Nacogdoches was excited about some recent attention paid to its only barbecue food truck, Brendyn’s BBQ.


The amount of beef graded out as Prime jumped by one third in 2018, according to the USDA.

The Smoking Ho sends this report from the annual Foodways Texas Camp Brisket held at Texas A&M.

Is Coca-Cola saying UT fans don’t know how to slice brisket?