If you’re thinking about smoking at home this weekend, remember that Texas barbecue joints could really use your takeout business, and H-E-B is limiting the number of raw briskets you can buy anyway.

Roger Mooking, host of Man Fire Food, interviewed South Carolina whole-hog pitmaster and engineer Howard Conyers about the history of American barbecue:

In an essay, Conyers also reflected on a lost opportunity in Louisville, and what he might have talked about with slain pitmaster David McAtee had they had the chance to meet.

Randy Sadler of Sadler’s Smokehouse, in Henderson, is finally publicly touting one of his longtime barbecue cooks, Pitmaster Ramone, of Subway fame.

Brandon Hurtado is stunned at how many customers he’s gotten at his Arlington barbecue joint since it opened in late February. “It just blows my mind,” he said.

On barbecue as “freedom food.”

DeAndre Jackson of Winner’s BBQ, in Plano, has partnered with a former Iowa State teammate to open UNRVLD Barbecue Bar in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Rooster’s BBQ, in Cresson, is leaving the Texaco station (former home of BBQ on the Brazos) for a larger location up the road that used to house Tumbleweed BBQ.

The Reaves brothers from Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que in Dallas described their Color Without Consequence initiative to KLUV.

Barbecue salad, you say?

Care for some smoked sausage and sangiovese? The Texas wine ambassador, Jason Hisaw, recommended several pairings of Texas wines with Texas barbecue.

Micklethwait Craft Meats, in Austin, is serving up barbecue this weekend, but then it’s taking a break for the rest of the month.

David Gorham of Honky Tonk Kid BBQ, in Waco, explains the inspiration behind his barbecue menu, which features flavors from around the world.

Erik Mrok, of seventy-year-old Lenox Bar-B-Q, explains to the Houston Chronicle how the joint has been able to continually change with the times.

Houston barbecue sixty years ago:

Atlanta has a few impressive barbecue joints, and Eater provided a list of some of the best for takeout.

If you’re out driving the highways of South Carolina, this extensive guide of every highway exit with a barbecue joint could prove useful.

The 2020 Memphis in May barbecue competition had been postponed until late September, but it is now canceled.

The first time I’ve ever seen a smoked brisket roulade:

Two old school barbecue joints, Swinging Door in Richmond and Schulze’s BBQ in Rosenberg, are still alive and kicking west of Houston.

The origin of the pork steak as a barbecue cut in America seemed clear-cut if you trust the Wikipedia entry, but Robert Moss begs to differ.

The word for barbecue in Armenia is “khorovats,” and it is so beloved that a special song plays when the khorovats platter is brought into a party. But still, the folks at Milk Street didn’t seem to apply much about what they learned in Armenia to the preparation of a khorovats recipe for their magazine.

They’re not all BBQ joints, but smoked meats are well represented here:

The families of three deceased workers at the Tyson pork processing plant in Waterloo, Iowa, have sued the company for unsafe work conditions.

Support Austin Pets Alive! just by ordering barbecue this weekend. Merrick Pet Care is launching a new line of regional barbecue-flavored dog foods, and will donate $10 for every order made at la Barbecue between June 26 and the Fourth of July.

As for Merrick’s dog food, they could make those cans look juuust a bit more like dog food: