Juan and Brent Reaves of Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que, in Dallas, shared a message of unification and understanding in their daily Facebook Live session.

The Austin Chronicle compiled a list of black-owned restaurants in the area, which includes a number of barbecue joints.

The new location of Fainmous BBQ in Houston is open:


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J.C. Reid, of the Houston Chronicle, found a sense of barbecue normalcy when Wayne Mueller, of Louie Mueller Barbecue, traveled to Houston for a barbecue collaboration with Ronnie Killen, of Killen’s Barbecue.

A new Barbecue Hall of Fame class has been announced. Desiree Robinson became both the first African American woman and the first living African American to receive the honor, and for the third year in a row, there’s a Texan on the list.

The BBQ Central Show hosted Aaron Franklin to discuss his Barbecue Hall of Fame induction.

Matthew McConaughey and Aaron Franklin collaborated on a burger that is now being offered at Loro in Austin:

Barbecue lines have been replaced with online ordering, and there’s no reason to think the demand for the popular service is going away.

Chuck Blount writes from mesquite country in San Antonio and offers some tips on smoking with the strongly flavored wood.

Andrew Soto of Butter’s BBQ in Mathis discusses how beef shortages have affected his business.

Brendyn’s BBQ in Nacogdoches has given up the food truck life, and will open a new brick-and-mortar location this Friday.

David McAtee, owner and pitmaster of YaYa’s BBQ in Louisville, Kentucky, was shot and killed by police:

The Louisville Metro Police released a graphic yet inconclusive pair of videos and said the footage proves the police were fired upon first. Officers involved did not activate their body cameras before the shooting.

“[McAtee] just had the power of his food and his personality,” David James, president of the Louisville Metro Council, told the Washington Post.

Tyson meat processing plants will reinstate their attendance policy that discourages sick workers from staying home:

Four executives in the chicken industry have been indicted for price fixing.

The indictments may move beyond the chicken industry as the Department of Agriculture announces there are also investigations into price fixing on beef.

Jordan Beeman, of HeartBrand Beef, in Flatonia, explains the challenges with the beef industry to KRLD.

Beef processing capacity is back to nearly 90 percent:

Howard Conyers leads a virtual road trip through the South to highlight black pitmasters for Ark Republic.

After 92 years, McClard’s Bar-B-Q in Hot Springs, Arkansas, has a new owner and will reopen after closing indefinitely on March 20.

Rodney Scott is looking to expand his whole-hog barbecue empire to two more Birmingham-area locations.

Shoulda dug a big barbecue pit next to the highway: