A few years ago a group of barbecue aficionados met up for a pow-wow at Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor. We wanted to share stories and some great smoked meats, and one of the attendees brought in some contraband dessert. It was homemade ice cream made with Dr Pepper flavored barbecue sauce – not a happy marriage of flavors. It was an experiment, and the creator was just as disappointed with the results. The sauce simply overpowered any other flavors. The ice cream only provided texture and a low temperature. It was like a cold, creamy spoonful of Bullseye. Yum.

Such is the problem with the truffle collaboration between Austin’s Delysia Chocolatier and three of The Salt Lick’s barbecue sauces. It just tastes like a mouthful of sauce, expect imagine barbecue sauce with a little dark chocolate mixed in. Granted, these are likely just a gimmick considering you can only purchase them at The Salt Lick. They aren’t carried on the Delysia website, nor is The Salt Lick barbecue rub chocolate bark, which is an award winning combination of barbecue spices and chocolate. The bark is more successful than the truffles, but brace yourself for the cayenne kick. It was even hotter than their pecan cayenne bark.

Delysia also courted Franklin Barbecue for another truffle collaboration, but this one included smoked sea salt. While you can purchase this one from Delysia’s site, it doesn’t list Franklin as the salt smoker. The connection was only noted on a card that came along with the truffles. Aaron Franklin did confirm he smoked some salt for Delysia a while back, but wasn’t sure what it was destined for. For $27 you get three of these smoked sea salt truffles along with six pieces of two other varieties. Although a self-admitted smoke fiend, I thought the regular sea salt was a superior companion to the dark chocolate. Whether it’s ice cream or chocolate, I guess I’d just as soon keep the barbecue out of my dessert. It already does just fine as the main course.