Just when you think John Mueller might be out of the barbecue game for good, he pops up somewhere hitched to a new trailer. And the pitmaster made a big announcement last Saturday on the “Great Outdoors” show on 1300 AM in Austin: His new Black Box Barbecue food truck will open at the corner of East Ninth Street and Church Street in Georgetown in an empty lot. Justin Bohls will be part owner, along with his half-brother and long time friend of Mueller, Gary Brown.

Mueller hinted at the news a couple weeks back, and has changed his Twitter bio to include Black Box Barbecue:


This will be Mueller’s third barbecue business in six years. Mueller was called the prodigal son at highly praised JMueller BBQ in South Austin, which opened in 2011. His sister, LeAnn Mueller, gave him the boot from the trailer in 2012 and changed the name to La Barbecue. He opened his own place, John Mueller Meat Co., across town several months later. Mueller smoked his famous beef ribs until last August when the state comptroller seized the business for non-payment of taxes. We’ve called Mueller the “dark prince” of Texas barbecue, but with yet another new beginning, “la cucaracha” is more appropriate.

Bohls is eager to start working with one of the most famous names in Texas barbecue. As a student at the University of Texas at Austin, he ate at John Mueller Barbecue on Manor Road regularly, and told me over the phone, “I’ve always said if I ever have a chance to go into business with this guy, I think I have to take it.” He’s about to get his wish. Bohls also couldn’t be happier about the location, which will make Black Box the first food truck in downtown Georgetown. “I had my heart set on being downtown,” he said. “Hopefully we’ll only be a food truck for a year.” The team’s future plans include a brick-and-mortar location on the other side of the same downtown lot.

According to Mueller, he’ll be using offset smokers fueled with oak wood. The menu will be similar to John Mueller Meat Co. with his famous beef ribs, brisket, pork ribs, pork shoulder, and smoked turkey. Mueller said he plans to make the smoked sausage himself. The business won’t officially open until May, but Black Box Barbecue will offer a preview of Mueller’s smoked meats at the Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown next weekend.

Black Box Barbecue
201 E. 9th St.
Georgetown, TX 78626