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John Mueller is Back

Black Box Barbecue Opening in Georgetown

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Just when you think John Mueller might be out of the barbecue game for good, he pops up somewhere hitched to a new trailer. And the pitmaster made a big announcement last Saturday on the “Great Outdoors” show on 1300 AM in Austin: His new Black Box Barbecue food truck will open at the corner of East Ninth Street and Church Street in Georgetown in an empty lot. Justin Bohls will be part owner, along with his half-brother and long time friend of Mueller, Gary Brown.

Mueller hinted at the news a couple weeks back, and has changed his Twitter bio to include Black Box Barbecue:


This will be Mueller’s third barbecue business in six years. Mueller was called the prodigal son at highly praised JMueller BBQ in South Austin, which opened in 2011. His sister, LeAnn Mueller, gave him the boot from the trailer in 2012 and changed the name to La Barbecue. He opened his own place, John Mueller Meat Co., across town several months later. Mueller smoked his famous beef ribs until last August when the state comptroller seized the business for non-payment of taxes. We’ve called Mueller the “dark prince” of Texas barbecue, but with yet another new beginning, “la cucaracha” is more appropriate.

The Black Box Barbecue trailer

Bohls is eager to start working with one of the most famous names in Texas barbecue. As a student at the University of Texas at Austin, he ate at John Mueller Barbecue on Manor Road regularly, and told me over the phone, “I’ve always said if I ever have a chance to go into business with this guy, I think I have to take it.” He’s about to get his wish. Bohls also couldn’t be happier about the location, which will make Black Box the first food truck in downtown Georgetown. “I had my heart set on being downtown,” he said. “Hopefully we’ll only be a food truck for a year.” The team’s future plans include a brick-and-mortar location on the other side of the same downtown lot.

According to Mueller, he’ll be using offset smokers fueled with oak wood. The menu will be similar to John Mueller Meat Co. with his famous beef ribs, brisket, pork ribs, pork shoulder, and smoked turkey. Mueller said he plans to make the smoked sausage himself. The business won’t officially open until May, but Black Box Barbecue will offer a preview of Mueller’s smoked meats at the Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown next weekend.

Black Box Barbecue
201 E. 9th St.
Georgetown, TX 78626

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  • Good luck and give it hell!

  • Luann Mueller

    Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice… won’t get fooled again. Fool me 3 times? Only if you wear the same black under armor hat every day.

    Some people will never learn.

    • If anyone is wondering, I’ve confirmed this comment isn’t from John Mueller’s sister, LeAnn Mueller.

  • Frank Paulus

    Go Muller Love your BBQ

  • Ray

    Countdown to flameout begins now.

  • Baron of Greymatter

    I hate seeing JM called “La Cucaracha,” if only because cockroaches imply a bad restaurant. Maybe it does describe both his business practices, as well as his survivability in business, but if JM serves a plate of food, it’s gonna be damn good!

    • It’s a term of endearment, meant to describe Mueller’s resiliency.

  • Resilience is a quality that one needs in the food service industry. Good luck JM.

  • Ray

    Go get’em John!! I am glad you are closer to home. Maybe we now can make it for your BBQ more often.

  • roadgeek

    It’ll last about a month. Until the Comptroller closes him down, or he quits in a fit of anger, or checks start to bounce. If he’s in the same spot under the same name in six months I’ll be astonished.

  • Twinwillow

    A “bad boy” who knows how to make incredibly good BBQ! Keep smoking, John.

  • Kenny

    Well written

  • Ben

    He is Risen!

  • Maggie & Dave

    Looking forward to trying this BBQ out! So glad it is in Georgetown!
    Thanks for coming.

  • Ray

    Is there an over/under on this place making it to 2018? If so, I want in,

  • Mike Fisher

    Full House BBQ has operated a trailer in Georgetown’s designated food court for at least a few years. Hello Sweetie’s BBQ is on South Austin Ave. and has been open for a few years. The Pit is on Williams Drive and has been operating for many years. We’ll see …

  • Richard F

    Hope you can make it work this time John is the best!! The one his Dad gave to his brother is not good.. Come on John let’s do it again only let someone else handle the Money!

  • Richard F

    Looking for John Muller Where is he cooking in Georgetown Where is it. I see the old Mullers BBQ in the back ground!! Wish it was the same.. When will the Blacks trailer be opened to get some BBQ from there? A fan of John Mullers BBQ would you respond?
    Thank You
    Richard F Geiger

  • Brian and Karen

    Shoooooot….that’s all you had to SAY!!!
    We’ll be out to Red Poppy Fest on Saturday and I’m gonna need TWO beef ribs…and whatever she’s having. ?

  • steve

    What would Texas BBQ be without the drama? And John is nothing if not dramatic. Of course, he is also on hell of a pitmaster. Look forward to eating it as long as it lasts. Thankfully he has some business partners and he can just focus on smoking and drinking.

  • Eric

    I am going to go ahead and say it.
    John serves the BEST BBQ ….
    I just wish I lived closer
    And yes I have tried most of the BBQ on the so called top 50 list.
    That list is suspect to me , someone put Bartley’s on it but not Smitty’s
    Also Lockhart is higher scored than Stiles Switch

    • Eric – Other than the top 5, the last Top 50 list is not ranked, they are listed alphabetically.