My second trip to Two Bros. was just a month after the first, but I had to get back there to see if the brisket was great twice in a row, and I forgot to try the cold smoked shrimp and stuffed jalapenos back in January. It was a great day, so I headed right for the patio. From there I could see the pits, and I noticed the same pit master wasn’t working. I wondered how this might affect the meat.

The brisket was good. Not as good as the first time, but it was still a very good version of smoked beef. Slices were surrounded by a nice smokey crust and a line of well rendered fat. Each slice was well seasoned and smokey, but the texture was a bit tough. All of the flavor was still there, but it just needed more time on the smoker. A cut I didn’t try on the first trip was the sliced pork, and I was glad I got this chance. The pork was tender and full of flavor from the slightly spicy seasoning. The smokiness was there, and the meat was very moist. This was very good pork.

The two items I couldn’t resist from the appetizer menu were the cold smoked shrimp and the bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos. The bacon had crisped well in the smoker, and the spice of the jalapeno was tempered with a cream cheese center. The combination of flavors and texture were incredible. The cold smoked shrimp, while well cooked and nicely seasoned, was missing any real smoke flavor. By all means order it, and you’ll enjoy it, but don’t expect much smokiness.

Even after a second visit, this joint still holds up. I’ll be sure to make another visit next time I’m in town.

(This review originally appeared on Full Custom Gospel BBQ.)