Animal Care officers seized 136 snakes and 415 rodents from a San Antonio home.

A Splendora mom made her fifth-grade son wear a shirt that said “I Am a Bully” to school after she heard that he was acting like a bully.

An eleven-year-old girl in Pasadena was saved from an attempted abduction by her pet beagle, who bit the would-be kidnapper in the leg, causing him to flee.

A romance novelist from Wichita Falls who had written an essay titled “How to Murder Your Husband” was arrested in Oregon for allegedly murdering her husband.

An Austin woman was arrested for threatening to shoot her neighbors after one of them urinated on her property.

Two Texas A&M grads were surprised to see their twenty-week-old fetus giving the “Hook ’em, Horns” sign in a sonogram.

A great-grandmother in Goodrich shot and killed the alligator she believed had eaten her miniature horse a few years earlier.

The children of a Bexar County man bought him the same 1993 Ford Mustang that he had sold, seventeen years earlier, to pay for their mother’s cancer treatment.

A cosmetology student at Shadow Creek High School in Pearland was sent to in-school suspension because he wore makeup to class.

A San Antonio woman led police on a 100-mile-per-hour car chase in a Mercedes-Benz while her infant was in the SUV.

University of North Texas student Keegan Brewer made a touchdown on a ninety-yard punt return by faking a fair catch.

An eighteen-wheeler driving on I-35 near Belton caught fire, causing its cargo, aerosol cans of Axe body sprayto explode.

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