Well, today is the day that the Speaker’s honeymoon ends and the members’s complaints begin. Last session the Republicans held 25 chairs and the Democrats 10. This time around it’s Republicans 24 and Democrats 14. Of course, the Democrats picked up seats in the last election cycle, but I suspect that Straus will take heat for that decision. I’ve listed the chairs below, noting the previous chair if there was a change. Past chairs who are no longer in the House are in bold.Agriculture & Livestock: Chair Tracy King (D) **previous chair was Rick Hardcastle (R)

Appropriations: Chair–Jim Pitts (R)

Business & Industry: Chair–Rene Oliveira (D)  **previous chair was Joe Deshotel (D)

Calendars: Chair–Todd Hunter (R)

Corrections: Chair– Tan Parker (R) **previous chair was Jerry Madden (R)

County Affairs: Chair–Garnet Coleman (D)

Criminal Jurisprudence: Chair–Abel Herrero (D) **previous chair was Pete Gallego (D)

Culture, Recreation & Tourism: Chair–Ryan Guillen (D)

Defense & Veterans’ Affairs: Chair–Jose Menendez (D) **previous chair was Joe Pickett (D)

Economic & Small Business: Chair–John Davis (R)

Elections: Chair–Geanie Morrison (R) **previous chair was Larry Taylor (R)

Energy Resources: Chair–Jim Keffer (R)

Environmental Regulation: Chair–Patricia Harless (R) **previous chair was Wayne Smith (R)

General Investigating & Ethics: Chair–John Zerwas (R) **previous chair was Chuck Hopson (R)

Government Efficiency & Reform: Chair–Linda Harper-Brown (R) **previous chair was Bill Callegari (R)

Higher Ed: Chair–Dan Branch (R)

Homeland Security & Public Safety: Chair–Joe Pickett (D) **previous chair was Sid Miller (R)

House Admin: Chair–Charlie Geren (R)

Human Services: Chair–Richard Pena Raymond (D)

Insurance: Chair–John Smithee (R)

International Trade: Chair–Rafael Anchia (D)

Investments and Financial Services: Chair–Mike Villarreal (D)

Judiciary: Chair–Tryon Lewis (R) **previous chair was Jim Jackson (R)

Land & Resource Management: Chair–Joe Deshotel (D) **previous chair was Rene Oliveira (D)

Licensing & Admin: Chair–Wayne Smith (R) **previous chair was Mike Hamilton(R)

Local & Consent: Chair–Senfronia Thompson (D)

Natural Resources: Chair–Allan Ritter (R)

Pensions: Chair–Bill Callegari (R) **previous chair was Vicki Truitt (R)

Public Ed: Chair–Jimmie Don Aycock (R) **previous chair was Rob Eissler (R)

Public Health: Chair–Lois Kolkhorst (R)

Redistricting: Chair–Drew Darby (R) **previous chair was Burt Solomons (R)

Rules & Resolutions: Chair–Ruth Jones McClendon (D)

Special Purpose Districts: Chair–Dennis Bonnen (R) [new committee]

State Affairs: Chair–Byron Cook (R)

Technology: Chair-Gary Elkins (R) ** previous chair was Aaron Pena (R)

Transportation: Chair–Larry Phillips (R)

Urban Affairs: Chair–Harold Dutton Jr. (D)

Ways & Means: Chair–Harvey Hilderbran (R)

Note that the Border & Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, chaired by a Veronica Gonzales (D), was recast as the International Trade Committee.