I think Straus is an honorable member, and he certainly deserves the credit for being among the first to speak out against Craddick, but speaker seems like a stretch. I’ve said before that it isn’t rocket science to preside in a fair manner, but the ABCs also needed to consider who was the person most likely to attract mainstream Republicans into their coalition. I have always thought that was Solomons. He had a following. Does Straus, outside of that meeting? He has another problem, in my opinion. Experienced members don’t like to see inexperienced members jump over them. Didn’t the ABCs forget what their main objective was, which was getting rid of Craddick? This opens the door for Craddick. Maybe I’m totally wrong. I’ve been out of the picture all day, wrapping up a story on the governor’s race under a deadline. Maybe the ABCs have a bunch of members lined up to vote for a new speaker. Maybe the prospect of moving up in the pecking order will bring other members into the coalition. As I said, I have a high regard for Straus personally. Maybe he will be a Republican Laney, who presides with a light hand and lets strong chairmen carry the workload. But if this goes south, and Craddick somehow survives, this will be one of the ghastliest mistakes I have ever seen in Texas politics. Solomons was the safe play. If the ABCs choose him, the deal is done. They take a knee, run out the clock, and on Tuesday they own the House. The ABCs have 48 hours to get a bunch of Republican names who are committed to Straus. If they don’t get them, it’s going to be chaos. I’m shocked. As I said above, I’ve been busy writing all day, so I have one little question I’d like to ask. Has Straus even filed for speaker?