I just spoke to David Beckwith, formerly (according to Burnt Orange Report) with the Cornyn campaign. He called me from the Cornyn campaign office, for which, according to Burnt Orange, he is not supposed to be employed, having been fired last week by none other than Karen Hughes for his involvement in the “Big Bad John” campaign video that has been greeted with hilarity in circles that do not wish Cornyn well. “Karen Hughes has no role whatsoever in the campaign,” Beckwith told me. “Furthermore, we consider the video a plus. Not only am I still working for the campaign, but I am also part time in the senator’s state office.” Far be it from me to criticize a fellow blogger for publishing — I’m shocked, shocked — rumors. especially one that isn’t correct. But the episode wasn’t a total loss for the BOR folks. They did manage to unmask Beckwith as a blogger using the pseudonym of Buck Smith to post unfavorable comments about Democrats. Again, I’m shocked. Really.