In a recent post about Roger Williams’ entrance into the race for U.S. senator (see, “Roger Williams joins the Senate race, December 12”), I wrote that the office of secretary of state, which Williams previously held, has been a political graveyard, with the exception of Mark White. I made an effort to find a list of former secretaries of state online but was unsuccessful. Since then, I found such a list in the Texas Almanac, 1982-83. Well, here are the names of some secretaries of state who did all right for themselves. Gerald Mann (1935) became attorney general. Ben Ramsey (1949) became lieutenant governor. Tom Reavley (1955) and Zollie Steakley (1957) were elected to the Texas Supreme Court. Crawford Martin (1963) and John Hill (1966) served as attorney general. And then there was this fellow in 1971 named Robert D. Bullock. That name sounds familiar. UPDATE: Readers have sent in more names. Tony Garza became railroad commissioner and later ambassador to Mexico. Alberto Gonzales was appointed to the Texas Supreme Court and later became the attorney general of the United States.